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5 Sports To Try This Summer!

June 30 2017

Summer is finally here! Jumpers are being swapped for t-shirts, jeans are being swapped for shorts, and the feeling of material on the skin shifts to embracing heat from that sought after sunlight.

With the cleats and skates lurking in the back of the cupboard, this summer is the time to try something new. There are wonderful sports all around us. And the sports organizations who run them are always on the lookout for new people. As a manager, coach or athlete, summer is an opportunity to be active, throw caution to the wind, and give a new sport a try.  

Without further ado, here are FIVE sports that you might like to try this summer:   

Ultimate Frisbee One of the most underrated skills in sports is knowing how to throw a Frisbee effectively. It is something many people attempted from when they were 5 years old. Yet mastering the perfect throw has eluded the vast majority of us. Ultimate Frisbee is a fast-paced action sport that combines skill with game sense to create an environment where you always leave with a smile on your face. There will definitely be teams involved in a league near you. So head down, try the sport out. If it grabs you, start managing a team and enter competitions. If you are competitive or social, there is something for everyone.  The sport is also ideal for meeting new people and getting a good workout while you at it! For those that pick it up and have lofty sporting ambitions, there is a world championship tournament for people of all ages too. How brilliant is that?!

Underwater Hockey

For those of you who play ice-hockey or field hockey, this will blow you away. You are not the only ‘hockey’ sports around! Underwater hockey has grown in popularity over the last few years. The sport using a small stick to hit a puck underwater. The idea is to score more goals than the opposition. Sounds easy right? Try doing this while holding your breath at the bottom of a pool! Underwater hockey is a sport that all people should try at least once! It will create a great conversation starter for the workplace or at your other sports’ practice. Again there are many sports clubs or recreation centres around who hold sample events for the sport, so don’t be afraid, give it a go!

Obstacle Race EventsObstacle races around North America are already in full swing! Do you want to go back to your childhood and play in the mud and jump around obstacles with your friends? Well, this is possible to a certain extent… But, be expected to push your through your comfort zone with this event. There are multiple race distances and types to cater for many different people. However, each will test your determination, will power and resilience. Do you and others around the work place enjoy these sort of challenges? Put together a corporate team and help each other through. If you belong to a sports club, enter a team through that as well. It is a great excuse to use the event as a goal to get fit, test yourself and have a great time doing it! As it is already going, be quick and get to their website to see when it is coming near you.

Touch Rugby

One of the fastest growing sports in the world currently is rugby. However, the collisions and tackles of the game are certainly not everyone’s cup of tea! Touch rugby removes the contact and creates a sport that anyone can play together. It is a fantastic sport to run around playing while the light is so great in the evening. Get in touch with your local rugby club and ask about options they have for touch rugby. If they do not run their own, guaranteed they know where to find out. There are social leagues being managed throughout North America, as well as many pick-up games during the evening. Males and females can mix and play together. It is a great sport to make new friends and get a very decent run around too!

Stand Up Paddleboarding

For those of you who enjoy the sun, beach, sea and some alone time, then this is the sport for you! Imagine standing on a MASSIVE surfboard holding a kayak paddle and cruising around the ocean… The dream right? Well, that is exactly what stand up paddleboarding is! This is a perfect sport for those who enjoy being a bit active on their holidays. For the dreamers of the world, it is also great to paddle away and let your mind drift to your many thoughts. It is a fantastic therapeutic sport! Stand up paddleboarding is a great sport to introduce children to the water. Just put them on the board with you. Marvel and bond over the magic spell that the oceans, lakes and rivers hold! Go to the local stand up paddleboarding rental place near you and enquire within. You will not be disappointed!

So there we have it. Five sports to keep you entertained throughout summer! For everyone out there, I implore you try at least one of the activities mentioned, if not more. Use the long hours and sunshine to get involved in being active and include others with you too. Be sure to get in touch with sports clubs around you, find out what is on offer and give it a try. Managers, coaches and administrators of these sports organizations will be more than happy to chat and help accommodate your needs. You never know what sport will take your fancy, so get up and get active!

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