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Why having a website for your sports team is crucial

April 20 2017

Where is the first place people go when they have a question? More than likely they will search the Internet for information before anything else. According to a Forbes Corporate Communications Study, at least 82% of customers conduct online research before purchasing. Creating a website for your sports team is a crucial way to gain exposure for your team and create an online community for coaches, parents and players.

Here are a few key reasons why your sports team NEEDS a website:

Gives your sports team credibility

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more frustrating than searching for an organization online and finding nothing. This often sparks the question, “Do they even exist?” By creating a website you create legitimacy for your sports team or organization and generate exposure. You can build connections, or display current sponsors or even attract potential sponsors with your website. Your sports team website will also allow you to reach a larger audience and attract new potential players who might not have found you otherwise.

Organize and easily access information — all in one place

Why get frustrated using multiple platforms, devices, documents and calendars when you can organize your sports team information all in one place? It seems like a no brainer. You can easily store and access phone numbers, e-mails, parent info, medical info, schedules, updates etc. through your website. You’re less likely to lose or misplace information when you have it stored in an online database for future reference. Through your mobile-friendly website you can make it easier for parents and players to view their team’s schedule and updates. This is PlayyOn’s specialty! We help you create sports specific webpages that provide you with powerful features to manage your sports company, and share information with your customers

Communication is key — keep everyone well informed

Imagine it’s game day and only half your players show up. Half went to the wrong field and didn’t get the update about the game location. Bet you’re getting stressed out just thinking about it! Posting schedules of practices, games and updates will ensure you don’t come face to face with this situation. PlayyOn’s schedules can link directly to your parents’, players’ and fans’ personal calendars so no one missed a practice, game or tournament. Notifications can also be sent by e-mail or text message, regarding any team updates from the coach or administrator. Don’t forget, communication is key on and off the field to ensure the success of any sports team. Having a powerful sports website is the fastest and easiest way to keep everyone informed.

Build and grow a strong community

By promoting communication and collaboration through your website, you will create a stronger sense of community within your sports team or organization. Encourage parents and players to share photos and videos from the latest game or tournament. Your website should serve as more than just a marketing hub and can be the team’s resource for fostering positive interactions between coaches, parents and players off the field. This positive camaraderie will ensure happy customers who want to refer your company to friends, helping your organization grow.

Market yourself by showing off your amazing team

We all like to brag once in awhile and so should you! Show off your sports team and all their amazing achievements. If you have multiple teams, take the time to feature each of them weekly or monthly so they all have a chance to be recognized. Showcase team achievements as well as players’ personal achievements. Uploads team pictures, videos and even link photos from social media. Be creative! Make your website represent your team and include team logos and photos. Not only will your team’s members love the recognition, it’s also an amazing marketing tool!

Do you still need a website for your sports team? Try PlayyOn to easily build a completely FREE website to help showcase your amazing sports team today! ☺

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