About Us

PlayyOn’s founders were concerned with the declining sports participation rates in both youth and adults and Know that participating in sports and recreation is important for both physical and mental reasons they set out to improve the organized sports industry.

We beleive we can use technology to bring back the camaraderie, fun and love of sport to people of all ages and abilities.

Our Mission

To help the athletic community thrive by enabling all members to manage their sport activities effortlessly

Our Vision

Empower all athletes to enjoy a lifelong love of sports and recreation

We Play Because We Love the Game!

Our founding team participates in over 20 different sports! Sports has had a profound impact on all of our lives. We have learned to play as a team, learned to strive for our goals, and learned what resiliency is. We have learned the importance of dedication and self discipline.

Most importantly, we believe that the best part of sport is experiencing the comaraderie you gain between you and your team - the unmatched feeling of connection and belonging.

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