October 7, 2019
Thank you so much for this note. She just loves sports, but isn't the most coordinated and sometimes really struggles with directions and attention. She is just beaming when she comes from your program. Her excitement from last night's free sandwich was awesome to see. She came home to practice some soccer skills you just taught and her making her Christmas list with a soccer net. Thank you for all you do!!!

About Us

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We are CHEM Athletics, a youth sports lessons organization taking CHARACTER, both on and off the court, to the next level!  From tennis to floor hockey to the fastest growing outside sport Pickleball, we provide private and group lessons for kids 5-16 with certified coaches at an affordable price.

We provide lessons in the Twin Cities (Plymouth, Roseville, Robbinsdale, Stillwater, Crystal, New Hope, Woodbury and Anoka)  YEAR ROUND in Roseville, Robbinsdale and Dayton.  

HOME SCHOOL STUDENTS.  Check with your tax advisor since the lessons might be tax deductible as a physical education or extra curricular expense.