Lacey Winter League

December 11, 2022

After 5 weeks of games, Legacy is still lookng for their chemistry on the cour.  with a record of 1-4, the team continues to improve individually. Next game before the christmas break is 17th, and we hope to enter the break 2-4. 


About Us

For 26 years,we have taken the game of basketball  to "Empower Athlete Training" by teaching skill development and life skills to boys and girls of all ages. Our goal is "everyone gets an opportunity to grow in the sports they love." 

January 2023, we were selected as "Youth Basketball of America, (YBOA-Washington) District 1 Representative of the State. YBOA is a competitive program that teaches discipline, sportsmanship and family atmosphere.  

As an nonprofit 501 c 3 , basketball programs we serve all types of level players from beginners to advanced. Finally we provide community service support as well.







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