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PlayyOn has partnered a leading virtual coaching technology provider, to offer a virtual coaching platform called PlayyOn Train.

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Streamline the online coaching experience

Virtual Coaching

In order to streamline the online coaching experience, create more efficient and effective training sessions, and heighten athlete engagement - virtually.

Train Together, Anywhere

Deliver custom skill and strength workouts right to your athletes’ phones where they will learn how to execute the workout and record their results in real time.

Compete Together, Anywhere

Live Leaderboards let players see how they stack up to their teammates and encourage healthy competition amongst the team, creating motivation and driving results.

Connect Together, Anywhere

Bring all levels of communications into one, easy-to-use platform. Alert athletes and parents to a change in game-time and schedule practices and workouts from any device.

What You Can Expect

Now, you can be proactively involved in an athlete’s day-to-day life by delivering custom-built workout programs, results and progress tracking, or nutrition and educational advice, even when you can’t be there in person.

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