About Us

The City of Baker Recreation Administration (COBRA) was  re-established by ordinance of the Baker City Council under the leadership of Mayor Darnell Waites.  The purpose of COBRA is to bring a variety of fitness, sports and leisure opportunities to the citizens of the Baker and North Baton Rouge area.  Through our partnerships with BREC & other entities we will provide new and exciting activities and events in an effort to improve physical fitness, promote leisure awareness & increase community involvement.

Our Objectives
One of our goals at COBRA is to provide every person in the Baker & NBR area an opportunity to participate in a fun, fitness activity of their choice.  We will partner with local and national groups to provide new and exciting fitness, leisure and sports activities in a family friendly environment.

Come Grow With Us
As you can see things are moving rather swiftly here in the City of Baker and COBRA will be continuously updating our activities and events, as the need arises or an interest is expressed.  We will do our due diligence in locating resources and providing an opportunity to bring new and exciting recreation and leisure events to the City and the surrounding area.

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