FHD Game Film

January 7, 2022

Full High Definition Game Film

Our FHD Game Film is ideal for capturing a game in HD to make perfect highlight clips, create coaches film, watch the game back with friends and family, and save those incredible moments forever!

FHD or Full High Definition Game Film provided by South Mountain Sports is shot in 1080p at 60fps, ensuring we capture every detail even for those intense plays that happen in the blink of an eye!

Shooting at 60fps or frames-per-second is more than double the normal rate of 24fps that standard video is shot at.  This means we capture more of every moment, and allows you to slow the video down to half-speed for smooth slow-motion playback.

What We Provide

We can shoot games in any environment, daytime, nightime, indoors, outdoors, rain or shine.  We typically shoot with one elevated camera setup at mid-field, capturing the game from 10 to 20 feet above ground.  This angle ensures no spectators get in front of the shot and provides an optimal angle for coaches to review film.  A second camera can be added as well to capture another angle.

Sample Video

Want to see what our FHD Game Film looks like?  Check out this video https://youtu.be/2o_Toud9XYU

How Much Should You Pay?

How much should you pay for FHD Game Film?  With our PWYC pricing, you decide.  We provide suggested pricing based on what you would typically pay another videographer for a similar service. You can choose to pay that amount, or less, or more!

To help, we've done the comparative shopping for you.  Below is pricing from other sports videographers for similar service:

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What We Offer

Our Mission

South Mountain Sports is a Phoenix, AZ based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing amateur athletes through sports videography.  Our mission is to provide student athletes with high-quality game film, highlight reels, and player spotlight videos to create opportunities for college recruiting, promote personal branding, and capture lifelong memories.

Paying it Forward

We use the money we generate from our sports videography services to help fund and support underserved student athletes with financial need.  This includes providing scholarships for team fees, giving athletic gear and equipment, and offering free videography services to players and programs otherwise unable to pay.  By supporting us, you are directly supporting opportunities for these amazing student athletes!

Pay What You Can Pricing

We believe every player deserves quality game film, which is why we offer a PWYC or "Pay What You Can" model. We provide 'suggested' pricing based on the value of each service and what you would typically pay another videographer for a similar service. You can choose to pay that amount, or less, or more!

If you would like to pay a different amount, please contact us.  We are happy to work with you.

You Can Help Make A Difference - Donate Today!

You can help make a difference in a young athlete's life with a small gift.  With your support, we can provide more scholarships, equipment, and quality game film because every young athlete deserves an opportunity to participate in sports and aspire to the collegiate level! 

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Sponsorship Opportunities

By becoming a sponsor, you can make a real impact in the life of an aspiring student-athlete while promoting your brand.  We have various sponsorship packages available which include options to showcase your brand during our live stream broadcasts and on our website.  Read more about our sponsorship packages here.

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